BitKidz is Where Kids Have Fun Learning About Bitcoin – The Currency of Our Generation.

BitKidz.com is designed to be an interactive social Bitcoin site where members can submit links to websites, news articles, blogposts, etc. to introduce kids to the Bitcoin Boom. Visitors can Bite the content, and Top Stories are ranked by the number of Bites a post receives. Cool, huh? Click Here To Submit A Link Now!

“It’s great that you’re getting interested in bitcoin! I think it’s a wonderful idea to introduce the concept to kids…your initiative is admirable! Best of luck!” Olaf Carlson-Wee, Coinbase.com June 11, 2013 (12 days after launching this site)

“Your site is quite nice; I actually like how clean and simple it looks.” Vitalik Buterin, Head Writer, BitcoinMagazine.com June 11, 2013

How BitKidz Began

We’re three tech tweenpreneurs, also known as The Sabra Sisters. We were born in 2000, 2001 and 2003. We’ve been blogging since 2008, started making money online in 2010, became bestselling kindle authdors in 2013, and was introduced to Bitcoins on May 30, 2013 by our Uncle I.J.

He gave us 24-hours to reply back to him to see if we were interested in co-authoring Bitcoin kindle books with him, and this blog was created to answer “yes“. We actually haven’t stopped researching Bitcoin, we went to bed with it on our mind and woke up to it on our minds.

Yes, we want to learn more about Bitcoin! We believe it is the currency of our generation, and we’re determined to prove it to others as well. We’ll share our research¬† on this blog as we research everything for our upcoming books. As kids, we’re going to simplify this complex topic into language other kids will understand…and we hope our simple language teaches adults as well.

We are professional bloggers and bestselling authors because our mom homeschools us–so while our uncle offered us 75-25 (75% split evenly for each of my sisters and 25% for him), mom chimed in as nothing gets done without her.

Truth is: she came up with the domain name, bought it, found the cool widgets and donation buttons, and is even typing up this page right now. Oh, we’re having our really cool logo (also mom’s idea) being created right now too…yes, another one of her brilliant ideas.

Here are our Short-Term Goals for BitKidz and a quick post How To Navigate This Site.