Bitcoin For Kids Book Series Coming Very Soon! Check Out Our Covers!

Bitcoin For Kids Book Series Coming Very Soon! Check Out Our Covers!


As you can see, we’re releasing a 3-Book Bundle! And, you may have thought we were giving up on Bitcoin and not posting regularly on this blog because we lost interest…NO! We’re SO busy…this our longest, biggest book project we’ve ever started…and we’re finally seeing the end of the tunnel!

We’re so excited, that mom assigned me book design today! Don’t you just LOVE our illustrations!? Our illustrator is SO incredibly talented. He always gets our ideas perfectly and often even better than we thought!

Here are the titles:

Bitcoin for Kids Book 1: Putting Money In Kids’ Hands Today For A Better Tomorrow
No Need For Virtual Worlds and Make-Believe Money – Kids Can Play This Real Life Game and Make Real A Difference In The World Today!
Bitcoin for Kids Book 2: How To Earn, Save, Spend and Share Bitcoin
Enjoying Digital Money Today – Easy, Fast and Fun Tutorials for Kids
Bitcoin for Kids Book 3: Wise Words From the World’s Best Bitcoiners
Bitcoin Breaks the Boundaries of Age and Much More!

Did you get the pattern of age, and number of people, to show the progression from Book 1>2>3?

Yes, we have a sub-subtitle. But, we just couldn’t leave them out.

Anyways, back to work–we’ve been reading, researching, re-writing, formatting and re-formatting what seems like a gazillion times.

UPDATE: September 27, 2013. We had a day’s notice to travel overseas and have been here ever since. We have limited electricity and Internet, so that’s why we’re delayed yet again. But, today we found time to post all the audio tutorials we made before we left, just click our Bitcoin Tutorials category here. We’re working whenever we have electricity, because if you didn’t see, the Bitcoin Academy wants to use OUR books for their curriculum…how AWESOME is that!?

Also, we launched our BitKidz Forum today too. Yay! We want to meet at least 5-10 kids using bitcoins today, for our FREE Intro Book “Bitcoin for Kids: The Rise of BitKidz – How Cryptocurrency Is Changing the Lives of These X Kids Today! ” Want to be interviewed, email us at contact<at> and we’ll send you our questions. TIP: it’s first-come first-published, so the first ones who answer our survey will be featured in our book first!



Eric says:

My parents didn’t let me get PayPal so I use Bitcoin instead. I love watching how the price goes up and down.. But I don’t like it when it goes down :P I play on a Minecraft server called MinecraftCC who gives players Bitcoins :D

Isn’t it great to be a kid in 2014? :P

Linda says:

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