– Fashion Retailers Accepting Bitcoin – Fashion Retailers Accepting Bitcoin

Published on Coindesk, is an quick informative interview with co-founder of BitFash – Keyur Kelkar about their recent launch.

While, they only have 3 clothing retailers: 2 women’s attire (Zara & Forever 21) and 1 men’s (Mr. Porter), these are all name brands–which is really cool news!

In reading this article, we found out that Domino’s Pizza is now accepting bitcoin (BTC) too!

We’ll be sharing news of the growing market accepting Bitcoin, because if we have no where to spend them, then this crytocurrency will basically just be accumulating in our digital wallets…meaning it’s not “real” money. In order to Bitcoin to go mainstream, more mainstream brandnames like these shared today, must start accepting this form of payment.

Truly exciting stuff, huh?



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