BitKidz Bitcoin Short-Term Goals

BitKidz Bitcoin Short-Term Goals

Since we’re still in the learning process: researching about the Bitcoin market, what it is, how it works, etc., it’s important that we share these facts:

1. We’re kids, so we will not be buying Bitcoins with credit card or cash any time soon.

Cash is still cash, and we’re keeping as much of it as possible. Finding alternatives to cash without banks is really appealing to us, especially global currency since we travel to many countries.

Also, we know some claim Bitcoin is not here to stay, so we have to be very conservative.

2. As kids, we’re aware that there are Bitcoin enthusiasts supporting anything related to Bitcoin, therefore we placed a Bitcoin Donation button just in case any of our readers want to support our educational journey and find benefit from our efforts.

It worked, because Uncle I.J. surprised us with our first donation! Thanks Uncle I.J.! We Love You! :-)

3. We don’t envision a lot of donations, so we’re holding them for now until we can spend them…so, we’re really “holding” them for now. We’re very interested in learning how to spend Bitcoin, because if more retailers accept Bitcoin then they will eventually become more mainstream.

We can say “investing” loosely, since we’ll be investing out time and efforts in Bitcoin, but we’re not planning on “investing” our cash to buy Bitcoins…however, we will try to earn Bitcoins with our time and efforts…we’ll tell you why soon.

Since we’re not investing cash into Bitcoin, we’re not as concerned about the fluctuation of Bitcoin value. So, holding until we can spend sounds like a realistic short-term goal.

4. As kids, we do not envision Bitcoin mining anytime soon.

- We don’t know enough about Bitcoins yet.

- As students, we don’t have the time or resources to mine.

- We are 100% against any form of gambling, and some think extreme-mining is a form of gambling.

- We think any extreme actions for little benefit is extreme. So, we always chart the path of moderation with full-disclosure, transparency and arming ourselves with education.

5. We see Bitcoin as a viable international crytocurrency that is free of government control and regulation, which we believe is a good thing! So, we’re determined to discover all the positive ways to use this currency for the betterment of society as a whole–and, NOT exploit it.

- We are aware that Bitcoin has some bad rap [<-You totally need to read this awesome article!], and we’d love to be apart of clearing its reputation, because there’s so much good that can be achieved with Bitcoin.

6. The Bitcoin Bubble is just bursting now, so there’s still time before it (ever) busts.

- We love being innovators, so we’d love to see this site really burst with all this excitement too…even if it is short-term.

- Call it a niche-site worth investing our time.

7. We’re a minority and want in! We think we’re the first kids blogging about Bitcoins, and we’re a houseful of techy-tweens (girls) [minus our awesome Dad], so we want our voice to be heard too!

- At the very least, we’re learning more about an industry our really cool uncle is interested in. So, at the very least we have another topic to talk to him about…even though, we’re never shy of things to talk to him about…he’s often calming us down with “Girls…Girls…” and we know that’s our cue to stop talking. ;-)

As kids, we need to blog our immediate goals and ideas, so there’s no confusion by lack of information and assumptions may be made. Do you think these are realistic goals? Either way, we’d love to read your opinions.




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