How To Navigate BitKidz

How To Navigate BitKidz

1. If you use Bitcoin then you understand everything on our sidebar…Aren’t they all Cool!?

2. If not, we’re going to explain each widget in separate posts in greater detail. But, very briefly:

BitKidz Sidebar

a. Donate To BitKidz

Bitcoins are digital currency and can be received via your Identifier ID, which is connected with the “Donate Bitcoins” button or its QR code. It’s a form of cyryptocurrency which relies on cyrptography (the art of writing or solving code) and a proof-of-work scheme (or the Bitcoin’s transmission history).

b. What Is Bitcoin?

The best way to understand what a Bitcoin is, please watch this 1 minute 44 second video our uncle had us watch.

c. Bitcoin In The News - NEW!

A Newsfeed for Bitcoin. Stay updated whenever Bitcoin hits the media.

d. Bitcoin Chart

This is an hourly updated chart of the current market value of Bitcoins  in USD (United State Dollars) by

BitKIDZ Footer

a. About UsLearn more about us, 3 sisters aged 10, 11 and 12 years old

b. Latest News – The newest blogposts published

c. Hot Topics - Most common blogposts ranked by tags

Read our short-term goals and ideas here.



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