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  •  Written by bestselling authors, Ponn, JuJu (13), GiGi (12) and JoJo (10) Sabra
  • Bitcoin editor: Trace Mayer, JD
  • Editor: Habeeba Husain
  • Foreword written by 13 year old homeschooler and newest BitKid: Alice Cummings
  • The Introductory book features the first published case study of kids using Bitcoin.

  • Read these highly motivational success stories of 12 kids from around the world, ages 9 – 16 years old, making $100s to $1000s of Bitcoin! One thing all these kids have in common: Bitcoin Changed Their Lives!
  • Bitcoin is ideal for kids. The digital currency can be sent by anyone of any age, in any amount, to anywhere in the world, anytime of the day or night. Using Bitcoin is as easy as sending an email or SMS/text message.
  • Written by 3 kids and their mom, this book series was written specifically to get kids and their moms interested in using Bitcoin. They’re on a mission to Make Bitcoin Mainstream One Kid At A Time!

Early Praise for and the “Bitcoin For Kids” Trilogy

It’s great that you’re getting interested in Bitcoin! I think it’s a wonderful idea to introduce the concept to kids…your initiative is admirable! Best of luck! Olaf Carlson-Wee,

I think what you guys are doing is great! Jeff Garzik, Founder,

I love what you are doing and that you are bringing this kind of cool news to a young audience. David Johnston, Executive Director,

The BitKidz project and “Bitcoin for Kids” book series are a wonderful idea! What you guys are doing is awesome!!! Pua Pyland,

I think what you guys are doing is amazing. I really support what you guys are doing and am behind the effort. Jason King, Founder,

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