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    Welcome to the BitKidz Forum!


    We want all BitKidz members to enjoy chatting with other like-minded kids from around the world in this parent-moderated forum. To assure a safe and fun place, we established some basic rules below:

    - Parent approval is expected for all members who sign up, chat and post images or links.
    - We reserve the right to remove any posts without notice or explanation.
    - All topics are expected to be kid-appropriate and on topic. Topics not allowed: dating, drugs, alcohol, dark topics, etc.
    - Common courtesy and respect of all members is expected. For example, it’s expected that you listen to the full discussion before sharing your opinions and experiences with others.
    - Bad attitudes, language or treatment  of others (such as bullying, harassment, personal attacks, etc.) is not tolerated.
    - Private and personal information (such as location, personal description, family details, etc.) should not be shared. We highly recommend using a pen name or pseudo name for kids under 18 years of age.
    - Repetitive posting of similar topic (e.g. flooding) is not allowed.
    - Sharing outside links should be to kid-appropriate sites.
    - No advertising allowed.
    - Do not share your password with anyone!
    - All posts are at the discretion of BitKidz.com

    Any members found to be disobeying these rules will have their forum account suspended and/or banned from the forum. Members who disregard a temporary suspension by posting under another username will be immediately banned from the forum.

    Click Here for the BitKidz Privacy & Disclosure Policy.

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