Please Donate to the “Bitcoin for Kids” Book Project

Please Donate to the “Bitcoin for Kids” Book Project

Donate Bitcoins

Bitcoin Address: 16DkBPvN1Dyy3Vx5taqZeDF5w5w2ASxGvP

We’re so close, yet so far!

My sisters and I thank you all so much for your support and patience! We have been quite busy and have fell behind schedule – we moved, are still traveling without internet (thank goodness for libraries and wifi hotspots!), interview transcriptions got lost in cyberspace and had to be redone, and our illustrator was on vacation. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! This is our biggest, longest, and hardest book project ever. Our other books took hours, days and, the longest, 2-weeks. :-(

Anyways, we need your help. Our family and (kid) friends all want to see Bitcoin in Action. We’re stretching our own 0.0666 BTC thin, by setting up our own BTC shopping cart and buying from ourselves, but everyone (especially our friends) want tutorials of all the fun kid stuff you can do with it, like:BitcoinBaby

  • Ordering pizza from
  • Buying a toy from, a Wii game from, some homemade sweets from and even the famous alcapa socks from or girls fashion from’s Forever 21
  • Donating to strong causes like and
  • Most importantly, trying different ways to transfer little bits of BTC back and forth with QR Code, texting and/or emailing. We’re still researching the Twitter and Facebook transfers and qouls love some help!
We’re using family-friendly BTC spending site ( our guide throughout the process.

Please consider the following:

1. Donate even 0.01 ($1) to us at
16DkBPvN1Dyy3Vx5taqZeDF5w5w2ASxGvP or through the QR Code or the “Donate Bitcoins” button above

2. Purchase one of our infoproducts, both setup via aMember shopping cart and BitPay plugin – which we’re alpha testers for and would love to see in action!

a. My sisters and my 2 products both go for $27, but you can get it for $7-equivalent BTC:

* Setup a WordPress Blog in One Day

* Build-A-Brand Online in One Day (brand your WP Blog, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter handle, Google+ account and more!)

Please help us, help you and many others! ;-)



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