Seeking Interviews For Our “Bitcoins For Kids” Book!

Seeking Interviews For Our “Bitcoins For Kids” Book!

Calling all Bitcoiners!

My mom and I just spent the day emailing well-respected Bitcoiners in hopes of getting their contributions for our upcoming “Bitcoins for Kids” book. Then, it phased us–we need to blog about it…duh!

So, here’s most of our email, which we personalize to each person we sent:

INSTRUCTIONS: Copy and paste our questions and email your answers to contact<at>

Hi! Our names are JuJu, GiGi, JoJo and our mom Ponn Sabra. We’re also known as “The Sabra Sisters” ( — the three tech tweenpreneurs. We’re also bestselling authors of multiple kids non-fiction kindle books.

Our Uncle I.J. introduced us to Bitcoin last week, because he thought it’d be cool if we co-authored a “Bitcoins For Kids” kindle book together. We instantly became Bitcoin enthusiasts, and launched a brand new site – Understanding Bitcoin – The Currency of Our Generation. is designed to be an interactive social Bitcoin site where members can submit links to websites, news articles, blogposts, etc. to introduce kids to the Bitcoin Boom. Visitors can Bite the content, and Top Stories are ranked by the number of Bites a post receives. Cool, huh?

Anyways, we’d love to interview you for your unique perspective and experience with Bitcoin.

Interview Deadline: On or before Friday, 14, 2013

Anticipated Publication: On or before Friday 21, 2013

Target market: 9 – 12 year old children.

If you’re interested, please answer any one or all of the below questions.

Don’t have time to write? No problem!

You can call us at 203.599.0305 Pacific Time, or reply with a few 10-minute blocks that you have available this week. Then, we’ll schedule a time to call and record our brief phone interview.

Want to help further?

Please feel free to forward this email to any friends or colleagues you think may be interested in this project. We’d really love to gather a wide range of opinions and experiences from men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds.

Right now, most kindle Bitcoin books are poorly rated and ranked. We believe that our publishing experience and your contributions will create the first Bitcoin bestseller.

Interview Questions:

Please remember to write at the third grade reading level.

Most Important Questions:

  1. What are the Top 3 Benefits of Bitcoin for Kids right now? Basically, you’re answering the question, “What’s In It For Me?” For example, Do you have any cool games to share? Websites? Skills? Talents?

  2. What are the Top 3 Ways Kids Can Get Started with Bitcoin right now? For example, Where to learn? How to get Bitcoin? How to get involved in the Bitcoin community?

  3. How Will Getting Kids Involved in Bitcoin now, Benefit Their Future? Top 3 Benefits? For example, even if Bitcoin isn’t around in 2, 5 or 10 years, how will your advice given in Questions #1 and #2 (such as learning about economics, cryptocurrency, world markets, design and development, etc. ) benefit them?

  4. What’s the #1 piece of advice you’d like offer the kids or parents reading this book today? Where do you think kids can fill in some major gaps in the Bitcoin community? Creativity?

Optional Fun Questions:

  1. How did you gain an interest in Bitcoin, and Why do you believe kids should be interested in Bitcoin?

  2. What possibilities do you think Bitcoin offers kids today? Are there any  “cool, fun and kid-friendly” ways you spend Bitcoin that other kids should know about?

  3. Do you really believe that Bitcoin will be the currency of our generation?

  4. Write a short kid-friendly 1-5 line personal biography, and business description. (Multiple business listings are acceptable). Then, share how kids can get involved in your organization, use your products or services, or benefit from your resources.

  5. Anything else you’d like to add.

Tentative Book Outline:

  • The Creation of Bitcoin: [History, Background & Speculations]

  • The Importance of Bitcoin for Kids: The Benefits of Bitcoin for Kids.

  • How Kids Can Get Started With Bitcoin: Compiled Instructions.

  • The Future of Bitcoin for Kids: Ideas & Innovations

  • References and Resources

Thanks so much for your time and consideration!

To the growth of Bitcoin and BitKidz,

JuJu & The BitKidz Family


P.S. We also have some cool things unveiling soon, like a BitKidz Manifesto and some video tutorials that we think you’d love!



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