TUTORIAL: How to open a Bitcoin Wallet on Blockchain.info [AUDIO]

TUTORIAL: How to open a Bitcoin Wallet on Blockchain.info [AUDIO]

GiGi walks us through opening a Bitcoin wallet on Blockchain.info. Audio and Written tutorial below.

AUDIO TUTORIAL, click here.

How to Setup a Blockchain.info Bitcoin Wallet and Get Your Bitcoin Address

We each have a Blockchain account because Uncle I.J. uses and recommends it. Almost everyone we know uses it personally. It takes about a minute to setup, so let’s get one now.

  1. Log in to http://blockchain.info/wallet.
  2. Click the green “Create My Free Wallet” button.
  3. Fill out your email address, your password, reenter your password, and captcha. Click the blue “Continue” button.
  4. A recovery mnemonic will pop up. A “Wallet Recovery Mnemonic” is a random list of many words that act as your very long, secured, private password. Put this in a very safe place (actually, multiple places), keep a soft (digital copies like in email, cloud or hard drive) and hard (print out and put in a safe) copy. Click the blue “Continue” button.
  5. You will be redirected to a “Welcome Back” page with an Identifier, where you enter your password. Fill in the password to get into your new Bitcoin wallet.
  6. How to Get Your Bitcoin Address: To the left side, towards the button, with QR Code and “This is Your Bitcoin Address” letter and numbers. Check the image below.

Now that was easy and fast, right!?

Blockchain wallet how to find your Bitcoin address

Why not give it a try. Now, that you see our Bitcoin address and QR code, you can send us some Bitcoin…every Satoshi counts 0.0000001 Bitcoin. ;-)



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