We’re Accepting Bitcoin For Our Infoproducts With Coinbase

We’re Accepting Bitcoin For Our Infoproducts With Coinbase
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Now, it was our goal the first day we started this site to accept Bitcoin payments for our online video-courses. But, we couldn’t figure out how to do it until now.

However, it’s definitely NOT the most straight-forward easy way.

Yet, we’re hoping the drastic discount in price will be an incentive for Bitcoiners to be patient and go through the additional step to access our infoproducts.

We also hope our huge discount in price will encourage non-Bitcoiners to open a free wallet with Coinbase (the service we’re using to create this payment method and receive Bitcoin), and start using (or at least researching) Bitcoin.

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We’d love your feedback, as we’ll be publicizing that we accept Bitcoin very soon.

We have a couple of cool things to do with this site first, like get our logo up, better organize our “Learning Bitcoin” section with how-to’s, and setup our cool free gift. But, we’re “learning by doing” and as homeschoolers, we’ve always felt this is the best way to learn. That’s how we created our infoproducts, by learning all the processes ourselves. So, like our membership cards say, “If an 11 year old can do it, so can you!”



Open says:

Why do you want to trade anonymously?Let me suegsgt a reason. Maybe you have something to hide? Maybe it is not legal or maybe it IS legal, but considered bad by the society you live in Either way, you seek privacy to evade (for legal, or non legal reasons) those who wish to stop you, and that is why people seek anonymity within a society. If you go to the store to buy a coke, you can pay cash or credit card. No one will stop you either way and no one cares how you pay. Now, why would you prefer cash in this scenario? I guess you would have no preference buying a coke. Cash provides no additional value here.Now let’s take a second scenario, you are buying a certain type of magazine you do not want your neighbours to know you buy. In this case, you would prefer cash, because the anonymity of cash provides additional value, making it the preferred method.That is what I mean. Yes, we all like privacy, it is nice to know we have it should the need arise for us to take certain actions, we like to remain in as advantageous position as possible. However, for those who fight for anonymity fiercely, there is usually a nefarious reason. They have most to lose from it being taken away. Now that means they have most to gain from seeking anonymity. That is the criminals and those whose legal acts are frowned upon by society.They are attracted to Bitcoin because Bitcoins provides them the avenue to gain a significant advantage over those who wish to stop them. The majority of citizens.If you are a legal, law abiding citizen, who does no acts unsupported by the society you live in, you will not seek Bitcoin.If you are legal but take part in acts frowned upon by society, then consider joining a new society. You may seek Bitcoin.If you are conducting non-legal acts, then it is the right of the citizens of the society you are part of to find you and prevent your actions. You will seek Bitcoin.

Guri says:

Ray, you don’t seem to understand that money is both an inesetmvnt and a medium of exchange. The very reason money is sought as a medium of exchange is because it is something that everyone recognizes as having value. Sure there is an element of psychology about this, but a belief in hard money, as opposed to fiat money, is due to a long history of monetary abuses.You also don’t seem to understand the time preference of people. Some people like to set aside present day production, in order to pay for some good or service in the future. This is known as savings, not hoarding. The term hoarding came about due to an idea called velocity of money , a Keynesian idea that leaves much to be desired.People are saving bitcoins because they know the value will increase in the future. They way the system is set up is that more and more effort will be needed in the future to mine bitcoins, so that there will be a leveling off of the monetary supply. When this happens, it will be interesting to see what happens. Austrian economists predict that prices will stabilize. Also, given the irresponsibility of our political and economic leaders, bitcoins may attract followers as the dollar continues its slide to zero value.

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